Sudoku Note Lite Manual

Basic operation
(a) It is input that the mass to be input is selected and the figure is pushed. When the same figure is pushed again, it deletes it.
(b) When places of the mass eyes are done in wipes right and left, the page replaces it.
(c) When the character of “Data setup” in the upper part is pushed, it moves to the input page of the memo.
(d) ‘Game data setup’ – Input of initial data.
(e) ‘Game start’ – Game start.

‘Game data setup’ function.
– Same (function to put the same figure continuously)

– Clear All (The function to delete all data . Taking notes also disappears all)

– Check (The problem of the input data is inspected).

‘Game start’ function.
– Memo (Two or more figures can be input to one mass as a memo).

– Hint (It replaces the screen where the figure that remains in the margin is displayed).

– Clr Memo (Only all figures of which it takes notes can be erased).

– Clr (All figures and memos input in the game are erased)

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